Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’?

I hate to be critical of Mother Nature, but…

Horse ride at Brigham Hill

… do you think maybe she should have provided snowflakes that were just a wee bit fatter for Grafton Celebrates the Holidays yesterday?

Seriously, I woke up, saw the snow on the roof and let out a squeal. Because nothing frosts an old-fashioned family-values let’s-just-dig-up-Norman-Rockwell day quite like a little bit of snow in the air and on the ground.

Garden Club boxwood

So let’s start our day at the Community Barn at the Brigham Hill Community Barn, the home of the Community Harvest Project. The Grafton Land Trust, Grafton Shakespeare Club, Grafton Garden Club held court here.

The Grafton Garden Club was asking for people to vote for their favorite Christmas-themed boxwood tree.


And this lovely lady was educating people about the Grafton Shakespeare Club, which I hadn’t really been familiar with before. They have a website, and meet twice monthly on Mondays. We got to chatting, and she told me they celebrate Twelfth Night in January and were always looking for publicity, so I told her I’d give her some space on my blog.

She hadn’t heard of me either, so it was kind of a mutually beneficial conversation, don’t you think?

The Grafton Land Trust was also selling their calendars, which have some spectacular wildlife photos.

Horse ride at Brigham Hill

But let’s get real. For a large portion of visitors to the farm? It was all about the ride once around the field behind a pair of horses.


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