And it’s a win for modular classrooms!

Despite the economic downturn, Grafton residents came out today to vote in favor of a debt exclusion to fund the purchase of four modular classrooms for Grafton Middle School.

The measure passed by a landslide, 537-161.

Business at the polls was slow today, especially when compared to last month’s turnout of over 9,000 voters for the presidential election.

The modulars are needed to address the classroom crunch at the middle school, which expects to see an additional 100 students next year. The town is now in the process of studying space needs at Grafton High School, which is on warning status from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges solely due to problems with the facility. It is hoped the solution for Grafton High will open up additional space for middle school students as well — the population is booming in the elementary schools, and those students are going to need bigger facilities once they get to the upper grades.

Breakdown by precinct:

Precinct 1
Yes 89
No 39

Precinct 2
Yes 171
No 38

Precinct 3
Yes 189
No 42

Precinct 4
Yes 88
No 42


3 thoughts on “And it’s a win for modular classrooms!

  1. I’d be interested in hearing the explanation of why 161 people voted no. Isn’t that the equivalent of saying that even though our kids are packed in like sardines as they get some educatin, they should just suck it up? I can see the rational of voting against a new school, but voting a modular classroom baffles me.

  2. “Kids these days! Expecting to actually have space between the desks. In my day, we had to share desks — especially once that mean Nellie Olsen came to town.”

    Seriously, everyone should pay a visit to a classroom at Grafton Middle School during the school day. I cannot believe how many kids are packed into those rooms. The fact that the teachers can perform at the level they do is pretty impressive — my son is thriving there.

  3. The issue at hand is caring. Some care about the health & welfare of all.

    Some only care about themselves.

    Plain and simple.

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