Welcome Home, Commander Hunt

The neighborhood ambushed one of Grafton’s newest war veterans Saturday night.

Kevin Hunt

The surprised gentleman in the leather jacket, cruelly torn from a college football game in which he was quite invested, is Navy Cmdr. Kevin Hunt, a Grafton resident who recently returned from a stint in Camp Ramadi, Iraq. The delighted woman to his left is his wife, Diana, who has been holding down the family fort stateside while her husband was in Iraq.

Kevin Hunt

Here’s an article about his time in Iraq:kevin-hunt-article

Argh, looks like Word Press is still working out the document bugs. An excerpt until it’s fixed:

Hunt, a Navy Fleet Officer, is one of nine senior Task Force Ramadi members supporting the Department of State’s embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team (ePRT) 2 – Ramadi. The ePRTs assist the local governments in building their capacity to govern more effectively and deliver essential services. The ePRT-Ramadi is focusing on strengthening the capacity of the municipal government to transition to Iraqi self-reliance.

Kevin Hunt

I really can’t say anything more than that. It was a fantastic party and I’m sure the Rogers and Hunt families are still eating all the leftover food!

Welcome home, commander!


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