2-hour delay, Grafton Middle ONLY

This just in: There’s a 2-hour delay at ONLY Grafton Middle School due to a power outage in the area.

Obviously, if you’re around North Street, you’re not reading this, but for the rest of Grafton — don’t let your kid go out in the rain for another two hours.

Definitely a morning when the automatic dialing system came in handy — my son was just finishing breakfast when the call came in. He grumbled that he was up early for nothing, but brightened when he realized that a 2-hour delay brings him to school just in time for social studies.

I’ll be out at Many Thanksgivings at Grafton Elementary all day, should be interesting…

2 thoughts on “2-hour delay, Grafton Middle ONLY

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but we never received the 2 hour delay notice – I wonder if it was just sent out to Middle School students?

    We did receive the “School Cancelled” call at 7 am… Just curious if anyone else missed the delayed called this morning?

  2. The calls are filtered so only students in the affected grades will get the call. Wouldn’t it be annoying to get constant calls about morning/afternoon kindergarten if you didn’t have one in the house?

    Also, from the look of my Twitter bar, it looks like Twitter isn’t always going to work for blog updates — I Twittered the delay, then closing, just as I got them, and they’re not on the blog yet!

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