Just got the auto-call from the superintendent’s office — ALL SCHOOL IS CANCELED TODAY.

Oh dear, daughter is upset because Many Thanksgivings is canceled for the day too. Gotta run.



  1. I was not happy this morning when I found out at 6:50 am that there was no school. It takes me 2 hours to get my boys up, dressed, fed and ready for school. I have to get up @4:30am, yuck! The first thing I did was check the school status on the web; there it was in green “school is open.” It wasn’t until my work was finished that I got the call that school was canceled. 5 minutes later the van pulled up to pick up the twins. The van had already picked up one student! The driver – and apparently the child’s mother – had no idea there was no school. It took me another 45 minutes to get the boys out of their chairs and braces and back to bed. grrrrr!

    I understand that sometimes it’s a tough call deciding whether or not to cancel school. But Grafton is notoriously late canceling. If in doubt, just cancel and cancel early, preferably before 5am. For some of us, our day starts very early.

  2. I double-taked at the time, too — if my son had been in high school, he would have already been out waiting for the bus!

    I’ve been putting off introducing myself to the superintendent — “hi, I have a blog” still feels like a ridiculous sentence to me — but I think I’ll attempt it next week and ask him just what goes into the school cancellation/delay decisions. I think something really weird must have happened today to go from “school delay, middle school only” to “no school, all schools” in the space of 20 minutes.

  3. For what it is worth, I heard that there was a problem with the global calling system and that was a big part of the delay.

  4. Ms. Bissell,

    I designed and programmed the school cancellation function of the website, and there is no way for the website to interface with, check for updates from, or read the mind of Dr. Connors. The individuals who post the cancellations must wait for word that a cancellation has been made in order to post it. They are not allowed to drive around for a bit, and then make a guess before Dr. Connors makes his decision. We try to get the cancellation posted on the school website as soon as official word is heard.

  5. Dr. Connors needs a Twitter feed! I’m finding it takes forever to actually show on the blog page, though.

    I’m still waiting for that mind-reading app, though. It would make writing so much easier.

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