Cleaning up

Do you still have trees down around you? I was surprised last night when I went to fetch our Chinese food (we haven’t found a place we like better than a certain restaurant near Northborough, so we don’t get Chinese that often) that a section of North Street was still shut down due to what looked like trees down in the street.

In any case, we’re still cleaning up today. And in that spirit — you really can find anything on YouTube — here’s a video shot while going through Fitzy’s Car Wash.

I’m just happy to find a Grafton on YouTube clip that isn’t another train!


6 thoughts on “Cleaning up

  1. They did a good job with the music. Here’s another Fitzy’s Car Wash video you might like. This is my crazy husband.

  2. I check YouTube for Grafton videos about once a week — if it has a Grafton tag (and isn’t a train, God love the train guys), chances are it will end up here sooner or later!

  3. Thanks Michael, did you create that music yourself? If so, even better:-)

    I’ll add “Grafton” to my tags more often!

  4. bissel, I didn’t create it myself exactly. Have you ever heard of a program called Cinescore?

    It will generate the music according to a theme you choose. You tell it the length you want, and then you provide hints, which are markers on the time line where you want it to change things like the style or the instrumentation and the intensity.

    It then ends up creating a custom score, that fits the length of your scene, with the changes that you want where you want them.

  5. I haven’t used that particular program, but I’m familiar with Mac’s Garageband. These are great tools to avoid copyright issues.:-)

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