1 hour snow delay

*Yawn* Good morning!

And we have our first snow-related school delay of the season! Just a one-hour delay today, plus no morning kindergarten or preschool.

Naturally, this is the day when I’m due for the dreaded unemployment “counseling” at 9:30 a.m. It’s going to be tight, but I think I can drop the Little Miss at school and still get there on time.


7 thoughts on “1 hour snow delay

  1. Those unemployment “counseling” sessions are a joke. I showed up 5 minutes late for mine a few years ago (Couldn’t find the unemployment office in Milford). When I arrived the guy in the office told me that the session was already under way. I handed him my resume…he looked at me…looked at the resume…then, back at me and said “You know what, I’m going to mark you down as attended. I don’t think we’ll cover anything here that you don’t already know…have a good day.” And, that was that.

  2. Thanks for the reminder (prints out resume, wonders again if anyone gives a rat’s ass about her journalism awards). One of my fellow laid-off co-workers told me her session included a math test, which is adding insult to injury. Isn’t “degree in journalism” universal code for “stunk at math, picked major that didn’t require it?”

    Although the laugh was on me — my very first day on my very first internship, the editor sent me out to cover the final vote on the town budget, without a copy of said budget and sternly told me it would be my last story if I screwed it up. Didn’t have a single decimal point out of place. 🙂

  3. Yes, those unemployment counseling sessions tend not to be geared toward professional-level folks with years of experience… still, if you’re required to go and you don’t have anywhere else in particular to be for an hour, you might get a kernel of helpful information…?

  4. Whew! No math test.

    It was somewhat informative, although the classes don’t really address the training I need (they were more “here’s how to search the Internet!” and less “here’s how to build a Web page!”).

    Fun fact: at the ripe old age of 41, I’m considered an “older worker.” The baseline for that starts at 35!

  5. Ha — under the ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act), at age 40 you’re considered in a “protected class,” that is, the class of older workers… at least from an employment law perspective.

  6. I didn’t feel very protected back in October!

    Also, for the record since I Twittered it: according to a neighbor, our street wasn’t plowed until 11 a.m., although sanders went by earlier. I really think we need to force the developer to finish the street — those last lots didn’t sell in the good economy, who is going to want them now? — and get it adopted by the town already.

  7. I had to call the DPW to come and treat our road (Christopher Drive) after I saw my neighbor’s car skid down the hill… took them a few hours to get here, but they did it.

    Sorry, Jenn… the ADEA protects older workers from wrongful termination based on age, not from an (otherwise legal) reduction in force or layoff. 😦 Wish it weren’t so… I really wish there was more protection for workers.

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