Have time to help those without power?

This just came in via the HAGS email… speaking of, I need to email Joanne Padgett and ask if they’re having any get-togethers soon!

The volunteers at shelters in Central and Western Mass are getting tired.

If you have a car and can commit to a few hours of “shelter-sitting”, please let call me at 978 808 7173, or write to terra@citizenactionteam.org.  Tell us if you have EMT, or any other special training.  Training is not necessary.  Just a passion for helping others…

There are still tens of thousands of people without power.  And thousands in shelters still.  They are warm, but we need folks to do things like make coffee, and help distribute supplies…

If you can spare some time, please do…

We need 20-30 volunteers/day in various locations.

Shifts available anytime, but mostly needed are 3-7, 7-11 pm and 11p-3am, and 3p-7 am.

Please help… It’s not “critical”, but it would mean a lot to our
“regional” neighbors…

Terra Friedrichs
978 808 7173 (cell)
978 266 2775 (office)


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