Meet Mr. Bendy

I’m following up on Chris’ suggestion and measuring the snowstorm. To do so, I had to raid my box of stuff from my old desk.

Meet Mr. Bendy:

Mr. Bendy

Mr. Bendy is my pica stick, which is basically a newsroom word for a metal ruler marked in picas as well as inches. Mr. Bendy has been with me since my junior year at BU, when I took Norman Moyes’ production and design course and learned how to make magazine and newspaper pages all pretty.

He used to have a sidekick, Wheelie Thingy, which helped me resize photos, but we lost touch once computers made his job obsolete.

Mr. Bendy has helped me lay out pages at such esteemed publications as The Daily Free Press, The Gardner News and the MetroWest Daily News. He has a distinct bend around the 18-inch mark  that most certainly did not come from the reporting staff sneaking beer into a certain newsroom and getting a little sloppy with certain important equipment. No indeedy.

I’ve called Mr. Bendy out of retirement in a nice dry paper box in the basement to serve a certain function this winter. To wit: I’ve masking taped him to the deck railing and left him out in the snow to give an official inch count for this snowstorm.

Mr. Bendy

As a bonus, he’ll even convert it into picas.

The Mr. Bendy count is now at an inch on my deck.


6 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Bendy

  1. Ask and we shall receive…I feel so powerful to have influenced your blog! This is great – now I can know what is happening with the storm without even having to turn my head to look out the window! Thanks Jen! (Of all the blogs in the world – this one is the best, by far.)

  2. I’m home now, in case you were all concerned about my commute. 🙂 We got the word at 2:30 to leave the building. The ride home from Worcester (East Mountain St.) wasn’t bad. It was early, so I think the volume was lower.

    This stuff is piling up fast. I plan on shoveling the driveway every hour until it ends. I think this is a better plan than shoveling 14 inches in the morning. Am I crazy? I don’t have a snow blower so, what’s the consences…am I crazy???

  3. Now that its getting dark – make sure to install proper lighting on Mr Bendy…so we can get accurate readings from the pics! 🙂

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