Newsflash: Still no snow

But Stop & Shop is PACKED!

There’s still milk and eggs, but gallon skim milk appears to be running low (I had to get Garelick instead of store brand) and bread’s still available but some shelves were empty. Universal Hub has set the French Toast Alert System to high — you have to be prepared!

A Stop & Shop worker wheeled out a cart to re-stock the hamburger and was instantly swarmed. I don’t know if any actually made it to the shelves.

One nice thing about a snowstorm before Christmas — everyone at least seemed to be in a good mood, especially the kids who would otherwise be in school! I think I’m going to spend the afternoon baking.


11 thoughts on “Newsflash: Still no snow

  1. Can you tell it’s a slow day at work today? I’ve been commenting on all of your posts…

    Can I ask a dumb question? At the risk of going on another rant…why do people feel the need to rush to the grocery store when there’s a pending snowstorm? It’s been 30 years since a snow storm has crippled this area for more than a day. They are so good at predicting these things and cleaning up after them…I just don’t get it. (According to the latest live doppler radar, the first flakes will begin falling on my office in 22 minutes). God I love this inter-web thingy.

  2. In my case, Friday=We need milk, whether it’s snowing or not. The only difference for me today was I went to Stop & Shop instead of Roche Bros. and I had to drag kids along with me.

    I suppose I could have left my sixth grader home with his sister, but they can’t even get through a round of Mario Kart without arguing. I’d probably come home to World War III — and the “Santa’s watching” threat doesn’t cut it anymore!

    And please feel free to comment often and rant!

    Although I’ll point out that people today may be thinking of last week’s ice storm — I know people in NH and Central Mass who have had school canceled until January because not all power to their towns have been restored yet. And the April Fools blizzard in 1997, combined with general ineptitude, left some streets completely unplowed for a few days in some areas.

  3. We were all mentally scarred from the Blizzard of ’78!! I remember walking down to the store, no milk, no bread. I guess being sandwich-less left a big impact on us. NEVER AGAIN!!

    It is silly how we all run to the store, I find myself doing the same thing & I know it’s irrational. I’m sure some psychologist could explain it all. But for now, I’ll enjoy my sandwich & milk at lunch today.

  4. My sister in Lunenburg STILL HAS NO POWER! i think she’s at the end of her rope. I had her son here for a few days. He was pysched to have heat & tv.

    I think it’s silly they haven’t fixed everyone up there. I’m sure they’re doing all they can but it just seems a little ridiculous at this point.

    Maybe she’ll be up & running by Christmas! I hope so because we’re supposed to have dinner there.

  5. I’m the first one in line at the pre-emptive panic run to the grocery store. I mean, how could I survive for ONE day without my scrambled eggs and oj in the morning!!

  6. I think the grocery-store panic around these parts definitely comes from memories of the Blizzard of ’78… the statewide driving ban so trucks couldn’t get through to make deliveries, empty store shelves for days, etc. But the panic is driven by the media as well… before the snow even flies, the TV stations put people in goofy winter hats outside grocery stores reporting on what people have in their carts. Good laaaahd!

    Trader Joe’s in Shrewsbury was hopping this morning, but you’re right — people seemed in a very good mood overall.

  7. We used to spend all day in our nice warm newsroom making fun of the weather reporters building snowmen while broadcasting LIVE from the Mass Pike. Because it’s very important that the viewers know that footage of traffic slowly moving behind you is LIVE.

    Also, during Hurricane Gloria, I distinctly remember watching crazy reporters standing out in the wind getting hammered by waves and a classmate remarking that it was absolutely crazy, that she would never do anything like that, she would be a reporter with principals. I saw her on CNN during Hurricane Ike… standing out in the wind and rain…

  8. My parents live in Rutland and are also STILL without power. They are hoping for next week! When my mother told me they were going to be without power for days, my first reaction was the same as everyone else on here.

    “Mom, people don’t go without power for days anymore. It’s not the late ’70’s”

    Sure enough, more than a week later they’re still without power.

  9. It’s absolutely a disgrace how long some folks have been without power since that storm last week… just awful!

  10. I sure remember the Blizzard of ’78. I worked in a nursing home at the time and I was stuck there for 3 days. We worked 16 hours, then got 8 hours off. We slept on cots in the basement. On day 4, we finally got reinforcements and I got a ride home on the back of a national guard snowmobile.

    Mom of 3, my sister is in Fitchburg and also still has no power! Luckily, she has a wood burning stove. Still tough though. They’ve been to my house a couple of times for hot food, showers and to do a few loads of laundry. But they don’t want to leave the house for too long. They want to keep the fire going so their pipes don’t freeze.

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