Where are you shopping?

Since everyone has been swarming to grocery stores today — or sitting back and making fun of people swarming to grocery stores in advance of snowstorms — how about a poll?

Feel free to share why in the comments section and… IT’S SNOWING RIGHT NOW!


13 thoughts on “Where are you shopping?

  1. I visit Stop and Shop, on average, at least once a day. I don’t do weekly shopping, I just go to get my immediate needs. Probably not the most frugal way, but, I digress…

    I think my previous comment stirred the pot a bit. It’s good to see a lot of activity on the site. Or, maybe we’re all having a slow day at work.

    I mentioned before that it was due to start snowing over my office in 22 minutes. Well it has come…they were right on the money. Now it’s coming down pretty heavy. I think my slow work day is about to come to an end.

  2. Traffic here has already surpassed yesterday’s total! My stats have gone up every time we’ve had a weather issue, so I do think we’re all just sitting around looking for some amusement.

    My husband just came home. He reports the drive was okay, but it had only just started snowing when he left Hopkinton.

    Also, I think I’m going to stick with the plain gray poll box from now on. I liked the idea of something bright on a snowy day, but my text is lost in the palm trees!

  3. Since I work near Roche Bros I will go there. But I do not go there often and I do not go for the Starbucks.

  4. My wife does the shopping…Stop N Shop for her. I don’t think it matters where one shops – its what you do with the food once its home that counts!

    Jen – are you going to provide us with hourly snow totals via the blog? Your readership would love to see pics of a ruler stuck in the snow showing the hourly snow accumulation. That should help pass the time… 🙂

  5. I was going to do a stand-up in the front yard, reporting LIVE on the snowstorm, but the camera’s not cooperating.

    I do believe you’ve given me a use for Mr. Bendy the pica stick now!

  6. Funny, I saw you at the store today with your kids and I was about to say hello but was distracted by the swarms of people. By far the busiest day I have ever seen at the local stop and shop.

  7. Wearing the suit looking like a deer in the headlights. I have never seen so many people at the store. Since we still consider ourselves new to Grafton I felt it would have been a great opportunity to socialize but people had other things on their mind like hmmm getting home before the storm. It was kind of fun to see people in somewhat high spirits preparing for the snow to come. Again all new to us so it was fun.

  8. Does anyone else shop at the Shaws in Northbridge? The store is somewhat dated, but they have better prices on a lot of items. And better sales. I like the produce at Roche Bros. though.

  9. I do my regular shopping at S&S, but I remember when I first moved to Grafton 10 years ago, we drove to the S&S on rt 9 in Shrewsbury. That’s probably because we moved her from Shrewsbury, and didn’t know about Goretti’s. That said, I can never find what I need at G’s. Roche Bros, IMO, is overpriced on a lot of stuff. And sometimes I will go to Big Y in Worcester (rt 20) for BOGO stuff; also their prepared food section is huge!

  10. It sounds like this town could really use a fresh farmers’ market. I sure hope they start one – like maybe on a Thursday, on the town common. Just a thought … 😉

    Also, if you get your milk delivered – he’ll bring you eggs and lots of other goodies. Then you can just lock yourself in the house and drink ice cold bottled milk and avoid socializing completely.

  11. Just as long as they call it something straightforward like “Grafton Farmers Market” instead of, say, “Common Market” or “Common Goods.” And you know what would really be cool? A website!

  12. Websites are so 2008. I think we should go for a leaflet. We could pay people to hand them out at street corners…

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