54 picas of snow!

Mr. Bendy spent a seriously cold night outside getting buried in the snow from his position taped to a post like an old-time silent movie heroine.

Let’s go to Mr. Bendy, LIVE.

Mr. Bendy

MR. BENDY: Well Jenn, I hope you’re happy when I start to rust.

JENN: Stop being such a drama queen. How’s the weather out there?

MR. BENDY: The snow continues to come down fast and furious. There hasn’t been a lot of wind, so there’s very little drift on the deck for naysayers to complain that this unit of measurement has been compromised in any way.

JENN: And how deep is the snow?

MR. BENDY: We are just around 54 picas.

JENN: Translate, please.

MR. BENDY: That would be about 9 inches.

JENN: Fantastic. And what else is in the forecast?

MR. BENDY: We’re going to see snow straight on through Sunday, so I hope you bought plenty of gas for your snowblower — you’re going to need it.

JENN: Any tips for our viewers out there?

MR. BENDY: I’d advise them to stay inside and bake Christmas cookies, because it’s only 15 degrees out here. I dare you to lick me.


11 thoughts on “54 picas of snow!

  1. Silly questions for your viewers:

    Being new to MA I have been out shoveling today like everyone else but in addition to our long walkway I have been shoveling the snow off our porch. I also clear out the snow away from the basement windows.

    I am sure the walkway is necessary but should I be putting the effort out to shovel snow off the porch and around the basement windows (the area flush to the ground.


  2. I have the original but we went with Trex. I have heard that the other would that our builder used has not held up well.

  3. 9″ sounds about right, Jenn… so funny… driving home from the Y earlier, I thought: “hmmm, it seems more than 8″, but not quite a foot.”

  4. I tell you I must be tired that should read wood not would.

    I also learned something new today that MA gets thundersnow. This was a new one for me.

  5. Thundersnow is rare but wonderous.

    The original decks were a joke, but most builders do a crappy job with the decks unless you pay extra. It’s been my father’s pet peeve for years.

    We have Trex, or something Trex-like, but we hired someone to expand the deck and add a screened porch a few years ago. Best decision ever, even if it did take forever because someone *cough* at the Municipal Center kept throwing more and more demands for the permit and final sign-off.

  6. Thanks Jenn,

    I have heard the decks that the unnamed builder built for our neighborhood were subpar.

    On another note any suggestions for indoor activities for keeping a 3 1/2 from going crazy during the winter blast. She is good for about 45 minutes of snow play then we head back in.

    Stay warm today it is cooooollllddd out there.

  7. I was working out of an office in Providence a few years ago when a snowstorm hit. There was thunder AND lightning. It was awsome…kind of scary…but awsome none the less.

    The home from Providence was not fun though.

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