One thought on “The dog who ate Christmas

  1. Jennifer does not mention the story of Ba-Ba. We got her when Jennie was two as a very small kitten. She slept in her crib as long as she had a crib and when Jennie moved to a bed so did Ba-Ba. At the proper time my wife took Ba-Ba (then known as Barbarella) to the vet to be spayed. We then found out that she was actually a he and was neutured and became Ba-ba since that was all two year old Jennie could say. Ba-Ba moved with us through several apartments and a house. He was always a hunter, often leaving us gifts on our back porch in the morning. Ba-ba was 19, nearly blind and very infirm when we decided that it was time to allow her to have her final rest. We told Jennie (now away at college) what we were going to do and she asked to wait until she could be home to be with Ba-ba at the end. Jennie came home and that night Ba-ba slept beside Jennie. When Jennie awoke in the morning Ba-ba had passed during the night secure that his mistress was with him. Ba-ba was also buried in the back yard next to Patches. Our own family cemetary.

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