Happy Monday!

It’s the first school day of 2009 and I’m anxious to get out there and — well heck, just get out of the house already! But I have two small speed bumps to get out of the way, first.

The first one is waiting for his middle school bus. The second is due at school in about an hour.

Yes, it’s a fresh new year and it started much as the last one ended — with a phone call from Supt. Connors, this time letting us know that school would be delayed for two hours due to slippery road conditions. I’m thinking the schools could market an alarm clock with his voice — “This is Supt. Connors, reminding you that it’s time to get up,” “This is Supt. Connors. Due to your pushing the snooze button three times, you are now late for school.”

The high school bus managed to make it up our street so we’re hoping Mrs. C. manages to navigate the hill to grab the middle and elementary schoolers. This is the problem with living in an unfinished subdivision — the road hasn’t been officially accepted by the town, so we’re still depending on the builder to salt and plow our streets. And, because that doesn’t always happen in a timely fashion, the school bus drivers have the right to refuse to drive down the street if they access that conditions are hazardous.

When that happens, the kids are supposed to wait at either end of the main road. Problem is, they really don’t know that the street is a dangerous drive until they get there, so you could potentially have your kids waiting at the stop for a bus that’s never going to come. Luckily, this happened to us only once.

The other disadvantage to living in an incomplete subdivision — sidewalks are supposed to be the responsibility of the homeowners who have them on their properties. Our sidewalk is across the street… the side of the street that is still vacant. As a result, our sixth grader needs to walk on the street down to the stop and hope that drivers realize that, even though it’s 7 a.m. and still a bit dark, they do need to slow down and keep an eye out for the kid in the bright red jacket.

Final thought: how is it possible that kids in morning kindergarten are getting the same education as the kids in afternoon kindergarten when their classes are canceled every time we have a weather delay?


One thought on “Happy Monday!

  1. Good question about kindergarten. I hope they’re not missing out because, personally…”All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten”.

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