Popping in on Selectmen

“Selectmen’s meetings are the best thing I direct all week.”

Bill at selectmen

That’s Bill Robidoux, who I’ll be getting back to a little later today (foreshadowing), masterminding the coverage of last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. There are little cameras set up in the ceiling all over the room and Bill can spend the entire meeting jockeying between cameras, running closeups and cutaways and controlling what viewers see at home all without even leaving his chair. That’s cool.

It was technology that physically brought me to selectmen last night. We’re switching cable providers this week, which bringing my usual Wednesday morning ritual of sharing breakfast with the DVR’d selectmen to a close until roughly April. I probably could have blown it off, because there wasn’t a lot of action. No shoe throwing, no pontificating, no bickering beyond a light banter — sheesh, what kind of politicians do we elect in this town?

But y’all will be happy to know that Timothy McInerney now holds the title of Acting Town Administrator rather than Acting Assistant Town Administrator, a change of title necessitated by the turn of the year that also brought a close to former TA Natalie Lashmit’s contract (bye Natalie, we’ll always have Marlborough). The appointment runs for the next three months while the town seeks a replacement; selectmen have the option of extending the appointment for an additional three months should a decision not be reached by April.There was a tiny bit of library discussion. McInerney noted the change in the Nelson Library’s status and said the hours would be Tuesday and Thursday, 1-8 p.m., Saturday 12-2 p.m.

There was a presentation on the Blackstone River Bikeway, which I’ll hold off on talking about until I’m emailed the maps that show the Grafton segment, which were kind of interesting.

Really, the biggest impressions of the night for me was meeting Mary Ann in person (you look nothing like your identicon!) and the overwhelming minty green of the conference room.  It’s kind of like Green Monster green mixed with toothpaste and I’m told it’s a sacred cow because it’s “Grafton green.”

But it isn’t. Grafton green is the dark green on the wall behind the selectmen. This green is probably paint left over from Grafton State Hospital’s heyday (maybe it was stored in the stone tower?).

And, finally, today’s nightmare moment: we lost Internet. We lost Internet. I was in the middle of this post, went to save it, and Word Press vanished.

Sheesh, bad enough that school was canceled for the day (when we will have a full week of school again?), bad enough that I’m fighting for computer time with my working-from-home husband, but throw inability to access my blog into the mix? Kick me, why don’t you?


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