Oh! Deer!

Driving home from the Farmer’s Market meeting the other night (website will be ready for public consumption soon! Make no other plans for Thursdays starting in July!), I had to come to a full stop on my street for several minutes.

Twelve deer, one by one, were dashing across the road in front of my car.

Twelve of them, all in a line. I almost expected Santa and his sleigh to be pulling up the rear. I marveled at the sight and forgot about it until the next day.

That’s when 12 deer danced in circles around my house. I don’t know how long they were out there but I spotted movement out the window and saw them again, 12 of them, nibbling as the bushes as I raced for a camera. They dashed away as I opened the door, leaving just a blurry image.

My daughter pulled the shades down that night and came racing into the office to report more deer, this time at the small pond behind our house.

They’re out there. And they’re hungry.

And my husband’s ready to get a gun and go for some venison, not because he’s a great hunter, or against deer terrorism. Darn it, those are our bushes, not food!


5 thoughts on “Oh! Deer!

  1. Eating isn’t as big a worry as rabies or distemper.

    And in my neighborhood, little dogs may meet big hawk! I saw one carrying a kitten once. There are also plenty of coyotes around, too.

  2. Coyotes in the woods behind us. So, with a Christmas puppy wandering around – George takes the dog out at night. One upside is the farm next door has much better treats!

  3. The deer are hungry and wandering. See lots of hoofprints around the yard and woods and the other day saw at least 6 walking past in the back yard. My husband saw someone hit one on North St. recently. We usually have a well fed coyote who appears each winter but haven’t seen him this year.

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