A new library thread

Because the old one’s getting crowded, and it’s two pages ago.

I’ll start by taking out Ann M.’s comments and bringing them forward:

I sat on the Library Trustees for a number of years and all these issues have been in discussion for many, many years. There’s a lot more to the “closing” equation than meets the eye including level of service required by the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners and how the libraries are budgeted (of which much funding does come from the state). The Grafton Public Library Trustees are guided by rules in part set by the state and quite a bit of their funding is derived from formulas outside the regular town budgeting process – it’s all connected to level of service and how to meet the needs of the total town population. Grafton has recently met a population threshold which requires an increased level of service (which, according to the state, is much more than books). So the GPL Trustees struggle every year with balancing the needs of the entire town population against the state’s requirements for level of service in order to receive state funding and resources. Regardless of the outcome of the Nelson Park & Memorial Library debate, the upcoming years for our library will be very challenging. And for the record, my argument was then (as a Trustee) as it is now – let’s evaluate and plan for a balanced and quality level of service so that we don’t jeopardize state funding – and then figure out how to physically house the services required by the state and desired by our residents.

As for ADA compliance – there’s lots of misinformation in this blog. My suggestion to all folks interested in this topic is to directly contact the Building Inspector, Bob Berger (bergerr@town.grafton.ma.us) (note from Jenn: I corrected the email) who is also the Town’s ADA compliance officer. ADA compliance is very complicated not just in terms of the letter of the law but the state’s requirements for enforcement.

As for the Nelson Park and Memorial Library – you might be interested to read a little history produced by the Nelson Trustees back in 1963. It’s posted at the Nelson Trustees web page on the Town web site: http://www.town.grafton.ma.us/Public_Documents/GraftonMA_Committees/Library%20Trustees/trusteesnelson/nelsontrusteesindex. I had this in my records from my days as past GPL Trustee. This is a public document and is available upon request at the Municipal Center.

Thanks for the info, Ann!


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