Inauguration at school

My reporter on the ground at Grafton Middle School had this to say:

“My class was the ONLY class in the ENTIRE sixth grade who didn’t get to watch the inauguration. We had to go to Language Arts instead.”

Luckily for my history-loving son (who, this week, wants to go into politics), I’d DVR’d the entire event. He watched it while eating his after school apple while grumbling about his Language Arts teacher.

My Grafton Elementary School student, meanwhile, is just happy to have found a book in the school library today on crafts to make for your doll. Her only interest in the inauguration footage is pointing out the places we visited in D.C. back in June.


One thought on “Inauguration at school

  1. There are two days that are not currently holidays that I think should be. The first is election day. The second is the Presidential Inauguration. If we’re truly a patriotic and democratic nation we should have a government willing to elevate it’s two most democratic days to the level of holiday.

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