Talk to Mike Moore tonight

Yeah, I know, I went out to the Selectmen’s meeting last night, briefly promise to write about it more, and then disappear for the day. What kind of blogger am I?

Apparently one whose friends want to take her out — I left not only my house, but the town of Grafton today — and whose son needed the computer upon arriving home for the day.

In any case — before I start off with Select-happenings, I just want to note that tonight at 8 p.m. on Channel 11, newly elected state Sen. Michael Moore will be on “2 Guys Who Like to Talk.” They take calls, so if there’s anything you’d like to bend his ear about, make sure you call in and do it live.

If you’ve switched to Verizon, the local access issue came up before Selectmen last night. It wasn’t initially on the agenda, but Bob Hassinger from the cable committee thought the issue should go before the board sooner rather than later.

Essentially, Verizon and Charter have apparently come to an agreement about how GCTV’s three local channels will be accessed by Verizon. However, they needed a formal request by Selectmen before they could proceed.

Why is this important? Hassigner said Verizon has indicated it could be six months from the time this agreement is signed before Verizon customers start to receive their local access channels. As you may recall, back in October when Selectmen approved the contract, they were told it would be six months from that day, i.e., sometime in April.

Selectmen agreed that someone from Verizon needs to come before the board to clarify this.

I was talking to Town Moderator Roger Trahan todayabout this, and I was concerned that it might impact the May Town Meeting. Trahan pointed out that it may also have an effect on the town election — any public events, like debates, may only be broadcast to a small segment of the town population if more people switch over to Verizon.

I’m hoping Selectmen will be able to hold Verizon to its initial statement — I never realized how often I watched the local channels until I didn’t have them!


4 thoughts on “Talk to Mike Moore tonight

  1. Is there any way to somehow get the meetings over the internet?

    and … I was wondering if there is still any possibility to see your appearance on the local TV show via the internet as well…?

    just curious…

  2. No. Right now GCTV programs, including meetings, aren’t on the Internet (with the exception of Drive-In Theater, which the producers chop up to fit on YouTube).

    I have a DVD of my appearance and may eventually mess around with getting it online. Right now, I have a couple of writing projects and an online class, so I haven’t played with it yet. If you want to borrow it, I do believe you know where I live. 🙂

  3. Yes I do …

    and I might have to grab that from you …

    I’ll make those arrangements “off line” 🙂

  4. I thought you might have been switching over to yesterday. Hence the lack of blogging. But, that’s OK, you’re entitled to get out of town occasionally. We here are all like little puppy dogs…we’ll still be here when you return, tails wagging, tongues drooling.

    So, when is the switch scheduled to take place?

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