Greater Grafton now on Facebook

Remember a few months back when I gleefully mocked a candidate’s press release about his creation of a Facebook page?

Oh, I still find the tone of the release, and the straightforward Grafton News re-printing of it, amusing. But today, I’m going to make a little room for Facebook mocking of myself.

Last night, my friend Darren, a master of self-promotion, contacted me through Facebook with a plea: he was registering his Culture Schlock blog (if you check it out, you’ll discover we independently chose the same Word Press theme) on Facebook, the application required that other users confirm that he was, in fact, the owner, could I help a friend out? I did so and there was an option to “add your blog,” so I figured “heck, I have a blog” and filled out the form. I thought I was adding it to my own Facebook page.

Now there’s a Facebook page for Greater Grafton and, ridiculously, it lists “1 fan,” which would be me. Yes, pathetic, thy name is Jenn. I’ve apparently gone and created my own Facebook group. And I’m my #1 fan!


One thought on “Greater Grafton now on Facebook

  1. Yes, Jenn, I discovered the same indignity.

    Facebook is brilliant. They practically shame you into doing grassroots marketing for their benefit.

    I’d say the bare minimum for establishing street cred is 50 people. So let’s sign up for each other’s blogs and double our Facebook footprint!

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