Peek inside Robin’s Egg Studio

skateboardboyBack in October, I shot a bunch of pictures at the Women’s Night Out in the Municipal Building. I was still slightly dazed by my layoff the day before, so I wasn’t quite paying attention to my camera settings as I went from booth to booth snapping away.

As a result, I never did direct your attention to Sarah Ziegler and Robin’s Egg Studio, where she sells her whimsical artwork for children.

punkkittyZiegler sells pieces like this adorable skateboard boy and punk kitty through an Esty store online and also does custom orders to reflect interests, color scheme and or favorite activities.

A Grafton resident, she also has a blog where she talks about the projects she’s working on. Her most recent entry is about a matter that concerns a lot of people in the business of creating or reselling products for children — the confusing CPSIA ruling which is requiring lead testing on each and every product geared toward children.

frog-customPersonally, I hope it’s not going to affect her core business, because these pieces are just darling. She also seems to donate her artwork to a bunch of good causes in the area and she mentions doing fun portraits of pets as well.

elephantZiegler works in mixed media as well as paint.

I’m kind of fond of the newsprint background in the elephant here, if only because it proves someone is still buying newspapers.

If you’re in the market for children’s artwork, wouldn’t this be more fun than Target?


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