Submitted for your consideration. Do not adjust your computer screens.

What’s behind door #7 at the Grafton Inn? Some people believe they are seeing… things.

My photo from yesterday:


Same day, Michelle’s daughter’s photo of the door:


First of all, you’ll note that the sixth grader has a clearer picture.

Second of all, I’m pretty sure those are paint chips in the door, NOT orbs.

But do you see anything else?

UPDATED: A Dr. Peter Venkman just forwarded a spectral analysis of my first photo, which I thought was rather disturbing:



4 thoughts on “Ghosts?

  1. In the second photo, if you look closely at the gold #7, my daughter and I thought we could see a ghostly face peeking out! But then again, maybe it’s just a distorted reflection of Mr. Oulette? : )
    (or maybe we’ve watched one too many episodes of Ghost Hunters!)

  2. In the second photo, I can see that it vaguely resembles a face looking out from the 7. Then again – it could also be an image of the Virgin Mary. It could be an image of former President George W Bush. Let’s claim its an image of Jesus and make up some T-Shirts!!! This could be a way to make some extra cash for the the town… 🙂

    As for the other photo, it looks un-doctored to me….

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