More self-promotion

Greater Grafton is proud to be a featured blog at I hadn’t even realized they listed local blogs until it was pointed out to me.

Also, stats junkie that I am, I freaked out when I returned home after being out all morning to discover that absolutely no one appeared to be reading my blog, which turned out to be a Word Press-wide issue (seriously, you haven’t seen someone flip out online until you see a blogger who has been deprived of her stats). I ended up adding Site Meter to get my stats fix and now I know even more interesting details about visitors to my blog.

That’s right. I totally see you reading on your iPhone.


5 thoughts on “More self-promotion

  1. Congratz on the link!

    Google Analytics is an excellent tool for web stats and there is an easy wordpress plugin called “Ultimate Google Analytics”. If you like stats, you’ll love analytics!

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