Through the stained glass

While you’re dropping in at L&L Consignment, you might as well enhance the experience by taking a look at one of its more established neighbors. And if you’ve followed my suggestion to park behind the Post Office Pub, you’re going to be right there anyway.

I’m talking, of course, about Our Glass Studio at 40 N. Main St., which is another one of those places that I’ve glanced at while driving by, thought “hey, that looks interesting” and never returned to visit.

Our Glass

It’s really lovely, a jewel of a little craft studio filled with products both big and small that were hand-crafted by local artisans. While I was there, they were in the middle of a stained glass class.

Our Glass

I didn’t get too in-your-face with the class, because who wants to shoot off a flash in the face of someone working with glass? They offer several six week classes in stained glass using the copper foil method. One class member said she happily drives here from Concord just for the classes.

Our Glass also carries supplies for people who work with glass as a hobby. But here’s the real reason why you should take a look:

Our Glass

They have really pretty things.

Our Glass

Really, really pretty things.

Our Glass

You can even wear their pretty things.

Our Glass

And these I totally loved — they’re vodka bottles, melted and re-formed into cheese trays. I don’t even want to know how it’s done. It’s clever and would make for an interesting gift.

They also offer custom glass designs, everything from lamps to windows and cabinet doors.

2 thoughts on “Through the stained glass

  1. Gorgeous stuff!!!! here’s the funny thing. I live in Idaho and am surfing the web looking for info about glass crafting. My hubby is from Uxbridge MA though and everytime we go back to visit the fam, the Post Office Pub is one of our fave restaurants. So next time we are there, I am gonna have to check out all this eye candy…YEAH!!!!

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