Woo! Showcase Live at Patriots Place! Woo!

Super Bowl Sunday. A time-honored tradition where real men meet real men, where the well-heeled cool them in ridiculously expensive seats, where the real men are apparently so freaking wimpy that they will never play here:

Gillette Stadium

Snow-covered Gillette Stadium, home of the three-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, where we don’t cower from the snow under a climate-controlled dome — we revel in it.

Gillette Stadium

It is to this frozen tundra we trekked yesterday in search of a little something to take our minds off the fact that Our Team is not in it this Sunday, the holiest of all days on the football calendar. We needed pep. We needed good ol’ wholesome — dare I say it? — American fun. We needed a little something to put the Woo! back in our lives.

Girl Authority

That’s right. I spent yesterday afternoon at a Girl Authority concert.

(Guys, you seriously didn’t think I was going to rhapsodize about football, did you? But stick around, I may get to a point somewhere in this post.)

Girl Authority is an all-girl pop group from the suburbs of MetroWest with a national recording contract, two albums to their credit and a Spice Girls-like identity branding for each member. Their label had possibly the most difficult publicist I ever had to work with when I wrote about the release of their first album — she didn’t quite understand that I actually wanted to, you know, watch them rehearse and (gasp!) interview them and use their names.

I finally got my way on all counts but the laugh was on me — I tested their album on my daughter and she was hooked. We have since seen Girl Authority in concert three times — once at TCAN (The Center for Arts in Natick), once at a tiny theater in Foxboro, and the third just yesterday at the state-of-the-art Showcase Live at Patriots Place.

Showcase Live, like Girl Authority, was originally pitched as the Next Big Thing. I spent an afternoon editing a video of Bob Kraft enthusing about how there was nothing like it on the East Coast, that it would be an exclusive club where you could see only the best acts, in a room where there wasn’t a bad seat in the house, in a setting so intimate that Bono would give you a lapdance while belting out “With Or Without You.”

And it’s a gorgeous venue. The photo isn’t the best because of the darkness, but check out the bar:

Showcase Live

Sadly, it was not open for the Girl Authority show.

And it’s probably a sign of the times that this lovely, exclusive setting is now hosting acts like Girl Authority, tribute bands and American Idol also-ran Bo Bice in addition to the names they originally expected, like Busta Rhymes and Akon.

But back to our Girl Authority experience.

Girl Authority

My inner American Idol judges were having a party in my head (“Pitchy!” “Theme park!” “Sparkles are pretty!”), but the Little Miss and her BFF had a great time (“It’s so loud, my lungs were vibrating,” my daughter said afterwards). True, neither of them are crazy, uninhibited dancers, but they slowly inched their way up to the side of the stage and, during the final number, they even…

Girl Authority

… made a break for it and hopped up on the stage with the rest of the crowd.

One of the Girls (I don’t know which one), bless her heart, even noticed they were standing a bit apart from the crowd and encouraged them to dance with her.

Girl Authority

And another note about the group itself — the lineup appears to have changed. My daughter’s favorite, Glamour Girl (who actually is from Westborough and had one of the better voices), appears to have been replaced and even the youngest member, whose father owned the record label, failed to appear. I don’t know if the new members were understudies, girls are quitting or if the group is going to become like Menudo and just add and subtract new members.

My girls, fresh off the stage, were eager to go out to lunch. We were going to check out the CBS Scene, but they had a 30-minute wait and a ridiculously priced lunch menu. So I took them to Qdoba which, granted, I could have done back at home, but hungry girls need to be fed fast (“There are tomatoes in my quesadilla.” “That’s salsa.” “Good, I’ll eat salsa, but I won’t eat tomatoes.”).

Gillette Stadium

And yeah, in the back of my head I was thinking “I really need to guy up the eventual post I’m going to make about this by going to the Bass Pro store.” But, sorry guys, I didn’t.

Hey, you’ve got the Super Bowl today, for crying out loud. Sometimes, you just need to girl things up a bit.

Even if it does mean taking your daughter to a Girl Authority concert.


2 thoughts on “Woo! Showcase Live at Patriots Place! Woo!

  1. We caught GA at Halloweentown, and yes, the lineup appears to have changed dramatically. The show at Halloweentown was not a great one. GA’s website hasn’t been updated in who knows how long – you have to wonder what on earth is going on, but whatever it is, it clearly doesn’t involve a decent manager.

  2. When they did the second album (Road Trip, which was a couple years ago), they had just signed with a hotshot who had managed the Olsen twins and several musical acts. You’d think with Hannah Montana, the Jonas Bros. and the current youth market that they would have a bit of a higher profile, given the effort that’s been put into them, but no dice. I know they were marketing a TV show.

    Ugh, I know way too much about Girl Authority. At least I can blame this on covering the MetroWest arts scene for so long.

    Speaking of which, I cannot believe Brandeis wants to close the Rose Art Museum. I had the fortune to tour several shows with its director, Michael Rush, including one he curated on video art, and was always stunned by his breadth of knowledge and ability to explain exactly why a certain piece was important, or how it flowed into the next. I always looked forward to an assignment that would take me there.

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