Check out the new Grafton site!

I innocently clicked over to the official town of Grafton website, as I’m wont to do several times on Mondays and immediately was taken aback.

This morning, the website was the ugly but serviceable site that we all know and tolerate. This afternoon, it’s… beautiful!

There are rotating photos of Grafton scenes! A background in a shade of green that does not assault the eyeballs! A tab for business that instantly links to the appropriate town bylaws and departments!

And — I think this is new — there’s a subscription feature that allows you to get emailed updates of news and events from around town. You can opt-in for emails about recreation offerings, emergency news, missives from the Council on Aging, the Department of Public Works and the Board of Health (you can also opt-out, which is always a useful feature).

I just signed up for all of them and I’m in the process of confirming that I my email wasn’t maliciously added.

Also, I hopefully clicked over to the school department site and, sadly, found the same old site.


9 thoughts on “Check out the new Grafton site!

  1. If anyone has comments/suggestions to improve the school department website, please share! Any and all suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks!

  2. When is the Town Budget for next year being presented to the Finance Committee? I think they usually have a public hearing and I would like to go and ask questions / provide some ideas. I think more people should be involved sooner in the process and not wait until Town Meeting to voice their concerns. Help me out – Let’s get the word out there!

  3. The new town website is very nice. BUT!, they should be admonished severely for not properly identifying the Greater Grafton blog as the community institution for which it has become!

    ‘High School Student’…how about a link to the GG?

  4. Hey Jenn… not to give you yet another unpaid thing to do, but is there any further news about LeClaire? It seems that their office on Grafton Common is for sale… but I could be wrong?

  5. LeClaire’s office is for sale. I’m going to Planning Board next Monday for the public hearing on my LeClaire development and hopefully we’ll get some more information there.

    Mark, I’ll let you know as soon as possible about the budget. I suspect the interim town administrator will have some words on that topic tomorrow night at selectmen. I’m actually going to meetings now due to my FiOS, so I’ll see if I can get a few words in with him.

    Michael, as I was just telling my brother on the phone… baby steps.

  6. Dear High School Student,
    How about more events on the website. The calendar section is quite lame!


  7. Finance Committee has been meeting with department heads and the Interim TA. The charter dictates the timing of the budget and public presentation. As of now Public presentation and discussion of the budget between FinComm, School Committee and the BOS are tentatively scheduled for March are 7th 14th & 21st – all Saturday mornings.

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