No afterschool stuff at GES

It’s snowing, in case you haven’t noticed, and the call I just received from Grafton Elementary School informs me that there will be no after school programs there today.

Am I going to have to strap on the snowshoes to get to Selectmen tonight?

Also, I was kind of surprised when the caller ID said the call was coming from a private number. I tend to not screen during the day, because I have resumes all over the place, but those who screen may have had the call just go to voice mail.


2 thoughts on “No afterschool stuff at GES

  1. Got one on my house phone & my celly!!

    Then i got a call from the vice-principal because my son didn’t know what to do. Ummm, go home on the bus! Kids…..

  2. I got the call on my cell phone at work and the caller ID sad “restricted” so I didn’t answer it, then my husband called me and said “Hey I just got this call from the school!” I got nervous for a second there because I thought he was going to tell me it was an early dismissal!

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