Think fresh produce

It’s a balmy 8 degrees right now and the ground is blanketed with snow. But today, I’m asking you to think about July.

It’s a Thursday afternoon in July. You’re wearing short sleeves and shorts. The leaves on the trees are spread out to their fullest and under this canopy of green, you’re walking through Grafton Common. And all around you are stalls filled with fruits and vegetables, all locally produced, some picked just hours before.

Sound nice? That’s going to be reality this July 9, when the Grafton Farmers Market is expected to open for its first season. The committee has been meeting monthly since the fall and the website advertising its availability is now online. Here, check it out.

Yeah, I know. It’s website week on Greater Grafton. Let’s just say that for this particular one, you should direct the feedback in my general direction. Thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Think fresh produce

  1. I think it’s great! I have been to the 4th of July Concert and been able to park, and if THAT many people show up for the farmers market, I think we’ll have bigger issues than parking.

  2. Yeah, parking is pretty much the number one downside of any activity on the Common – regardless of what you do. The good thing is that the market goes from 2-dusk & most people will just be there for a set period of time (30 minutes?? 45??). Hopefully this will help keep a steady and manageable flow of eager produce buying individuals.

    I know the market in Lexington does a little thing where if you bike to the market you get a coupon. That seems like a great idea, but I’d also be nervous in Grafton of folks having heart attacks coming up 140 or one of the other up-hill tributaries.

  3. Agreed, when I went to the Congregational Church’s festival, I was able to find parking fairly easily despite it being packed. Most people will walk to an event and, unlike a concert or festival, people shouldn’t be sticking around for long periods at the farmers market.

    BTW, the template for the Farmers Market site came very close to being the original design for Greater Grafton. In the end, it felt a little too formal for me, but I think it works for the market.

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