Flickr-ing through town

Last week I paid a visit to Ann Morgan in the Planning Department, who is one of the people working on the town’s new website. She’s hoping to have a revolving display of seasonal and historical Grafton photos on the site. I suggested that she take a look at the photos on the Grafton Flickr group, which is now the default setting for my Flickr sidebar widget (Cindy Bissell, who moderates the Grafton group, suggested it).

Ann liked the idea, but was concerned about the legalities of appropriating images, so she’s started a second Flickr group for the sole purpose of nominating photos for the town site.

Writes Ann:

I’m looking for photos that could serve as potential candidates for the new Town of Grafton Web Site.  Selected photos will be used for the rotating front page banner and on individual web pages as appropriate.

Grafton MA Web Site Link:

There are policies regarding the use of photos with clearly identifiable people (requiring a photo release) but for the most part photos from all seasons and from all creative eyes (no matter what age) will be considered.  We’re looking for a well balanced mix of photos from all over town, past and present.   We can’t offer any compensation but credit will be posted (if you so desire).

As moderator I’ll contact you for selection and run down the process.  We’re hoping to keep the Town web site fresh with lots of beautiful, intriguing and lovely shots of our town.


Contact Ann Morgan at or through the Town web site / comments link at

I’m looking forward to experimenting with my new camera (checks UPS, still scheduled for Wednesday delivery, why am I too cheap to pay for overnight?) and submitting some shots.


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