On the road, both home and away

I’m going to Planning Board tonight, with a bunch of neighbors, to talk about our neighborhood.

It’s a beautiful place. You  really should buy a home there. I, personally, have no complaints about my house, a fairly basic-but-roomy New England colonial that was constructed under our watchful eyes.

We moved in five years ago, when the housing market was bubbling up with no end in sight. Half of the neighborhood was finished quickly. Phase 2 moved somewhat more slowly — higher prices, more difficult lots — but we were confident it would all be finished soon. After all, this was far from the first Grafton neighborhood our developer had built and the guy was local.

Things change.

Luckily, the town required that a bond be taken out to complete the road and utilities, should the bottom fall out of the housing market. We haven’t welcomed a new neighbor in well over a year — and plowing and sanding on the street has been minimal this winter. The school bus driver isn’t even supposed to drive up the hill if she believes conditions are hazardous.

Tonight, the Planning Board will take up whether or not the building permit for our neighborhood should be extended for another year. I’m thinking at this point, we should just admit the obvious: no one is going to be building a house anytime soon and, in the meantime, the unfinished neighborhood needs a finished street.

Also, the Board is going to be talking about Cheng Du’s planned new restaurant, and I’m kind of psyched for that opening.

That’s the “home,” so what’s the “away?” That’s kind of amusing.

I’m going to be talking to a class of college students tomorrow morning about my career in journalism. Actually the professor, a Grafton resident, wants me to talk to them about how writing can help them out in the business world.

I’m thinking my opening words shouldn’t be “Hi, I’m an unemployed journalist.”

5 thoughts on “On the road, both home and away

  1. Anyone else find it disturbing that neither Jon LeClaire nor a representative of the engineering firm that was requesting the extension of the building permit bothered to show at last night’s meeting?

    Also, the runoff from the retention basins that are practically in my backyard are making life miserable and damp for a nice couple on Millbury Street. They suggested that it might be diverted into the woods which, if they’re the ones in my backyard, could red flag it as a conservation issue due to the existing vernal pools and wetlands (I know, it’s weird to think that water would impact wetlands).

    Thank you to the Planning Board for listening to our concerns. We’ll also continue talking to Selectmen…

  2. Jenn, were you able to get any information on what the deal is with Leclaire? Is he officially going out of business, as was suspected — or just moving out of the area?

  3. From what I gathered Jon Leclaire is weighing his options. He has been in discussions with lawyers in Boston regarding his current businesses and what are the next steps for him.

    The person who I spoke with use to work for Jon and asked to remain anonymous but that person believes that Jon is being advised not to speak to any homeowner, vendor or town official until a position has been finalized on his current business status.

    Lastly on the 23rd of January Mr. Leclaire resigned as the final trustee for the Villas at Sutton and on the 5th of February there was a filing for two of the homeowners at the Villas to now become controlling members of the board of directors for the community. Obviously this is not a good sign. Jon is quickly removing himself from what appears to be all associations with his current businesses.

    I find it morally and ethically wrong the stance that Jon is taking with his lack of response. He and the people who worked for him are showing their true colors when the chips are down.

  4. Generically speaking, silence in instances like this says “my lawyer is advising me not to talk.” Especially since not extending the permit opens up a whole other can of worms.

    I’d really just like to know that our roads will be plowed, that the street will get fully paved sometime soon and… I’d really like to not flood our our Millbury Street neighbors. That’s just bad manners.

  5. Anyone interested in serving on the Planning Board? Three seats open come May. Deadline for nomination papers is March….

    Looking for critical, fair minded thinkers who can balance the needs of the individual against the needs of the Town.

    Critical times for our town need lots of skill sets to meet our challenges in a creative way. All hands on deck…

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