10 thoughts on “It’s a great day, isn’t it?

  1. I used to work at Hanover Insurance as an outsourced consultant and the one thing I miss about it is that it was close enough to go to Shrewsbury for lunch at Bollywood Grill or across the street at India Cafe. It’s been a while since I’ve had Indian.

  2. I got a major beef with Indian food restaurants…there ain’t any here!

    Bollywood is good … But it’s such a haul to get there.

    Can’t someone over in Planning bump the new Chinese restaurant in favor of Indian! Pretty please with malai kofta on top.

  3. Give me ONE good Chinese restaurant in town, that’s all I ask! Then we can bring in Thai and Indian.

    I won’t ask for Italian. That’s what my kitchen is for. I’ll be writing what I’ve been up to there tomorrow…

  4. I know it’s too much to ask for in Grafton but I’d be happy with a good Greek restaurant within a half hour drive time. There used to be a great place on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge. Ah..avgolemono soup and taramosalata….yummy.

    As for Cheng Du – if the owner is true to his word, not only will he provide his superb Chinese fare but he’s also talking about sushi and karaoke, too. Anyone up for a round of “singing at the top your lungs” with some Futomaki….the possibilities are endless…

  5. Anyone know the timeline for Cheng Du’s coming to Grafton?

    And why isn’t there an Indian restaurant in Grafton? But have you checked out Grafton Indian Grocery in South Grafton? The last time I was there they had very good freshly made samosas for sale.

  6. Is Cheng Du really coming to town? That rumor has been around for at least 7 years and I asked the owners once and they told me “No – we thought about it but we’re not coming.” I hope things have changed and this time the rumor is fact. Is the location in that old white house/building on 122 that used to be a restaurant? That was the rumored location for years…

  7. And when they finally do open, Cheng Du’s S. Grafton location will have a small amount of outdoor patio seating. Something about this day made me want to mention that.

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