What are the cops up to?

They’ve found an unregistered sex offender and have kept busy targeting traffic violations and tidying up a couple of sad domestic entanglements.

Take a read for yourself: daily-log-2-7-09

Remember: if you object to something in the log, this is generated by the police department, NOT me. I only take corrections to this if they’re sent by the police chief.


One thought on “What are the cops up to?

  1. Let me clarify my own disclaimer here, because a reader pointed out that it sounded like I may have been knocking the Grafton police. I’m not. This is one instance where you really need to hear my tone of voice.

    I’ve been posting the log because people have asked for it and the Chief has been nice enough to send it to me every week. I post the document in its entirety, just as it comes from the department.

    In my past life, I’ve spent way too much time on the phone with people who a) Didn’t want to appear in the police log; b) Were disputing something in the police log; c) Believed we were Ruining Their Child’s Life by printing that the little darling had been arrested for drunk driving.

    So my disclaimer here is just this: don’t blame the messenger.

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