The serving size is 1 box, right?

Someone’s daughter had the luck to lock down the Board of Selectmen franchise apparently, because everyone had their own box last night and there was much behind-the-scenes sharing. I’m now midway through a box of Samoas and I’m at the point where I’m thinking I should probably just call them a meal (I’m not in the habit of comfort eating, but I’ve just discovered the fatal flaw I committed yesterday and it beats banging my head against the wall).

Girl Scout cookies are here!


9 thoughts on “The serving size is 1 box, right?

  1. Did you notice how the box is the same size but the number of cookies is less (the net weight is less). On average two less cookies per box for the same price. Looks like the economy has even hit the girl scouts.

  2. Oh, I noticed. That’s how I determined the serving size (I did contain myself and there are still cookies left). That’s how they kept the price the same as last year — same price, fewer cookies.

    My kids don’t like coconut, so those remaining Samoas are MINE.

    There’s a post missing, now that I’m looking at the site — it seems to have vanished off the dashboard as well so I’m going to have to re-create it tomorrow if I can’t find it in cache!

  3. Everything is shrinking. I made tuna the other day. The cans are now 5 ozs instead of 6! Same price of course.

  4. Marketing 101 people! Instead of raising prices, they reduce portions hoping people won’t notice. Then you aren’t saying, “We’re these only $4 a box last year?”

  5. Yeah, now we just complain about getting less for more. Ice cream is not even a 1/2 gallon anymore. 1.75 quarts. You really have to pay attention if you are interested in saving money at the stores.

    Oh god, I’m starting to sound like my grandfather.

  6. well, our dollar is shrinking too. we’ll need lots of them to buy the same amt of goods. inflation is just around the corner.

  7. It messes up some of my recipes, though. I found a stash of Milky Ways from Halloween (don’t tell me you don’t buy the cheap candy after Halloween) and decided to make Milky Way cake. That used to take just eight “fun size” bars, but now they’re smaller so I need 16 bars. How much fun is a smaller bar?

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