Stimulus money for Grafton

Jenn’s note: The Internet apparently ate the original post about state Sen. Michael Moore’s appearance before Selectmen from yesterday morning. Here’s a rehash.

Massachusetts is expected to see roughly $11 billion from President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package, Moore told Selectmen Tuesday night, and funds earmarked for the Department of Education and special education may possibly help the town avoid dipping into stabilization to balance the FY ’10 budget.

The Boston Globe’s actually reporting this morning that the figure is closer to $12 billion, but what’s a billion here or there? Moore, in any case, received his figures from U.S. Rep. James McGovern. Those include about $133,000 in DOE funds and $654,000 for special education. There are also potentially three “shovel ready” projects for which the town may receive funds.

Moore also cautioned that the state aid figures Gov. Deval Patrick gave to towns earlier in the year — the ones acting Town Administrator Tim McInerney used to create the FY ’10 budget — hinge on the passage of the meals tax, which is still making its way through the legislature. The 2 percent tax would allow the state to collect 1 percent, while the remaining 1 percent would be a local option tax (which would require Town Meeting approval).

Moore also noted the Pleasant Street Bridge project is slated for start in the fall, with a projected $4.4 million cost. Selectmen interjected here, quite emphatically, that they were told the project would finish by fall!

Also on the bridge front, the state has asked the town to obtain sign-offs from abutters and apparently one neighbor is absolutely refusing to sign because of the condition the project was left in when it was abandoned the first time around. On the one hand, that’s going to just hold things up (and may require a land taking) but on the other hand, can you blame them? It’s a mess down there.

Anyway, start chewing on that — I have to run off and pick up my no-doubt-tired son from his sleepover!


4 thoughts on “Stimulus money for Grafton

  1. Never trust the politicians. They’re talking about raising taxes on alcohol at a time when the economy is so messed up. They just know consumption will start going up soon!

  2. Based on the sheer amount of spam this post generated in the few hours I’ve been gone, I’m going to suggest a tax on porn. I don’t even want to know what “girl on horse” action is and I’m going to go bleach my brain now.

  3. If its true that an abutter is unsupportive of fixing the Unpleasant St bridge…I’d suggest a few neighbors have a conversation with them. Or maybe they are just hoping that someone official comes down and says they are really weally sorry worry for the trouble.

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