Feeling cheer-y

Many thanks to Sarah’s Mom, who sent me some pix from yesterday’s Grafton High School cheerleaders event (and who will no doubt hold our developer’s feet to the fire if I somehow don’t make it to Planning Board on time tonight).


They look like everyday teenagers. Who knew…


… they could fly and bend themselves all kinds of ways while balancing on their teammates’ hands? Nice job. The football players who claimed you weren’t athletes have now broken out into cold sweats just imagining accomplishing something like that.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the cheerleaders’ guests — teams from surrounding towns. Above is Blackstone Valley Tech and check out their injuries — cheerleading is a bit more than pom-poms.


And hello Millbury High School!


The Northbridge High cheerleaders took to the air as well…


As did the cheerleaders from Bartlett High School in Webster. Honestly, I haven’t been this freaked out by heights since last night’s “Amazing Race,” when they para-glided off an Alp.

In any case, nice job ladies and good luck at Nationals (If anyone wants to send me photos from that I’ll be happy to post them)!


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