What’s the buzz, Grafton?

Continuing with the animal theme from yesterday, I have some exclusive shots of some elusive Grafton wildlife.


That’s right. Next week, we’re being invaded by a killer bee.

Get ready to spell your little hearts out — or at least chuckle at some community groups’ attempts — next Friday, March 6, at Grafton High School, where the GEA will host the Community Spelling Bee & Silent Auction 6-8:30 p.m.


Admission is free but be sure to bring some cash along — there will be lots of food and some interesting items up for auction, including Bruins and Celtics tickets, golf at Highfields Country Club and health club memberships.

Among the teams who will be competing for the title of Best Speller are  North Grafton Elementary, South Grafton Elementary, Grafton Elementary, Grafton Middle School, Grafton Soccer Club, Pop Warner, the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, Apple Tree Arts, and Grafton Library, among others.

Be there or be doomed to a life of spellcheck!


3 thoughts on “What’s the buzz, Grafton?

  1. hi my mom just emailed this website to show me my pre-school teacher!!! i used to live there but now i dont boo hoo! i miss all the people in grafton i wiss i was there so much ! stay in grafton it is the best town in the world!!!

  2. Three cheers to this year’s spellers from Thing 1!
    Thanks Cindy and Hi!

    Teacher Sue 🙂

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