Can we still read if it’s a snow day?

cat-in-the-hatMy daughter’s question of the day — Monday is Read Across America Day and her class is taking sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals and, yes, books to school. The plans are, they will spend a good part of the day curled up with their books.

Read Across America celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday and schools observe this in various ways — some have adults come into the classroom to read, older kids might have an all-day reading event like this one.

But what happens when Read Across America is snowed out? Does she still take her sleeping bag and book to school on Tuesday or will it be moved to another day of the week? Anyone know?

She’s already miffed at Mother Nature for messing up Many Thanksgivings (moved from December to January due to snow); I don’t think she’ll feel forgiving if she misses out on her special reading day!

And yes, she’ll read at home if she’s snowed in. She can even stay in her sleeping bag all day if she wants to. But it just won’t be the same…


6 thoughts on “Can we still read if it’s a snow day?

  1. So how many snow days are we up to now? My 9 year old says a boy in her class said we had 4 before, but I need a more reliable source…

  2. I personally think that if the Greater Grafton could replace that winter banner at the top, mother nature might actually follow her lead. Can we get bright sunshine on the common pics?

  3. That’s the Catch-22, isn’t it? I can’t change the header without a proper photo, but I can’t take the proper photo unless the weather changes. 😉

    You may recall from the Farmers Market website, but my problem designing THAT was I had to run out and take pictures of the Common, which I’d neglected to photograph all summer long. Most of my Common pictures are fall/winter.

  4. It was June 25th, it is now June 26th unless something else changes. Like a St. Patty’s Day blizzard. Those are always fun!

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