March comes in like a snowy leopard

Anyone else ready to flake out?


8 thoughts on “March comes in like a snowy leopard

  1. Just heard 10-14″

    Looks like No School, All Schools.

    Have they ever had a 4th of July celebration in school?????

  2. I agree with you, Mom of 3! There are already 180 schools cancelled on Channel 5’s website! (8:30 pm Sunday night) C’mon already!!

    But…. no flakes yet!

  3. Oh, they’re on their way. Latest forecast says we’re still on track for atleast a foot of snow, starting around midnight.

    Close the schools already!! Geez…

  4. I just figured it out!!! I now know why school isn’t called off the night before.

    Dr. Connors likes to wake us all up at 5am with his robo calls!

    I think I’m taking my phone off the hook.

  5. You should have taken my advice and had your home phone taken OFF the Superintendant’s Call list and added your cell phone…

    No more 5 am wake-up calls for our house – hopefully we will be sleeping in until at least 7 am!

    Enjoy the snow –

    Soon enough people will be complaining that its too hot!!!

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