Stupid snow closings

This takes the cake — or snowball, as the case may be. I just went online to file my weekly unemployment claim (I’m hoping this won’t go on for much longer) and received this message:

This online service is unavailable this morning due to the snowstorm. Please try again after 12:15pm today.

Please tell me how it’s possible that the snowstorm affected an online service? Can it only be turned on by someone in unemployment physically flipping a switch? Isn’t the whole point of it being online so you can access it at any time without bothering a human being?

Ah well. Off to take my online Intro to Web Programming final. Let’s just hope my online school wasn’t canceled, too!


3 thoughts on “Stupid snow closings

  1. Ridiculous!… I know state workers didn’t have to report until mid-day due to the storm, but I don’t understand how that affects an online service, either. Weird…

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