And the finalists are…

I’ll do some Google-fu tomorrow, but we have five finalists for Grafton town administrator, announced at Selectmen tonight. The T&G apparently had it in the paper today, but it wasn’t online.

The envelope, please:

  • William Ketcham of Adams
  • David W. Johnston of Rontoul, Ill.
  • Mark Stankiewicz of Stoughton
  • Jill Myers of Shrewsbury
  • Tim McInerney, current acting town administrator of Grafton, of Rehoboth

Selectmen plan to meet with the candidates March 14 and 15 — yes, that’s a weekend — and narrow them down to two or three candidates before visiting their communities and fact-finding. The meetings will not be televised but are open to the public, so if you want to gawk at the wanna-bes, those are the days to do them.

And yes, one guy is from Illinois. The search committee interviewed him by phone but selectmen are requesting that he fly out for this interview. And no, the town will not be paying for his travel arrangements. It will be interesting to see just how serious he is about taking the job.

Selectmen agreed that they want to hire a candidate sooner rather than later — many of the candidates are also applying for spots in other towns and we want to ensure that we have the pick of the litter.

More tomorrow, including the first shots from my new and improved camera!


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