Fastest rejection ever!

I applied for a newly posted job this morning on a certain popular jobs site. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for but, what the heck, I’m firing resumes at just about any target that’s close (but not Target — not yet, anyway).

I was unsurprised when I had a response in my inbox just minutes later. A lot of places use computerized responses.

What surprised me was this:

Due to economic constraints, we have frozen all hiring at this time.

Good grief, then why bother posting the job in the first place?

But it still has a long way to go before trumping my all-time favorite rejection, which had at least three misspellings, one of which I believe dramatically changed the parameters of the job. At least, I’m pretty sure I didn’t apply for a job in “pubic relations.”


5 thoughts on “Fastest rejection ever!

  1. GreaterGrafton,
    I have noticed this before, is this company a public company?

    Sometimes I think the job posting is a shell game that allows companies to say we need money on one hand during budget process to hire and while they never intend to fill the job, they use that money else where.
    Also it makes a company look good to buyers, think about it… your procuring goods from a company, would you pick the one that looks like they are hiring or one that is laying off everyone…

  2. This particular one is a non-profit. There was a posting last week at another company that I didn’t even apply for; I knew that one was cutting back but was required, due to union regs, to post all openings (and I was right, they announced a buyout last week).

    My son’s job hunting pep talk:

    “You know, Mom, it shouldn’t have to be this way. They should be fighting over you. They should be in a wrestling cage and throwing chairs at each other, big metal heavy chairs that would really hurt, just to have someone of your quality. It shouldn’t be a stupid computer saying (metallic computer voice) ‘We cannot hire you at this time.’ (/metallic computer voice) They should be getting your resume and calling you and saying ‘We’re going to FIRE people just to hire you!’ Now get out there and knock them dead!”

    I love my boy.

  3. That is so cute…and what a great idea for a reality show. Does your son work for Fox? There was a great “rejection letter” that went around years ago…something to the tune of “Thank you for your rejection letter, but I’m sorry I cannot accept it at this time. I’ll be arriving for work at 9 am on Monday. Thank you for understanding.”

  4. Love the pep talk from your son! And that typo, wow. It just proves how much they need to hire you. Here is my grammatical peeve for the day. What is the deal with the Facebook “like/unlike” option. Shouldn’t it be “like/dislike”?

  5. I’m thinking that Greater Grafton Junior may be giving Tony Robbins, (the extremely tall motivational speaker)(I listen to him every day) a serious run for his money.

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