Sign of spring

Some look for robins. Some peer hopefully into the ground for signs of crocuses and daffodils.

In Grafton, our sign that spring is coming (no, really, spring is coming) is, literally, a sign.

Swirls and Scoops

Oh my God, 30 days until ice cream season? Is it ever going to be that warm again?

And it’s just 23 more days after that until the start of Little League season (which we celebrate by holding an apres-parade picnic of Evil Genius hot dogs followed by birthday cake at home because the parade falls, invariably, on my daughter’s birthday weekend. This year it’s actually ON her birthday).


11 thoughts on “Sign of spring

  1. Hmmm – the sign at swirls has said “30 days” since Sunday – when do you think the 30 day count down actually begins? Does anyone know the actual day they are re-opening?

  2. Noooo! It’s Groundhog Day! We’re never getting any ice cream (fall, weeping, to the keyboard).

    I didn’t go out Sunday; I only saw the sign last night when I was shooting Vegas-in-Grafton. I figured, when I saw the same number this afternoon, that they just put the sign up before they went to bed.

    I didn’t realize they were just mocking everyone. 😦

  3. I know – horrible isn’t it – so when is the actual opening date – no one really knows for sure — it reminds me of when I first heard that Cheng-du’s was coming to Grafton (3 years ago) – will they ever actually open for business in Grafton… ?

  4. It will all happen soon…Swirls and Scoops will open, Art Bradish’s hot dog stand will open, Cheng-du’s will come to Grafton and little leaguers will start playing ball.

    Oh ya, and the bridge on Pleasant street will get fixed…ha ha ha

  5. I always look forward to the second day at Swirls & Scoops. The lines are always WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO LONG to wait the first day.

    We need another ice cream store in town. I see a business opportunity.

  6. There is another one opening up this spring — Holy Cow Ice Cream, which is between Fore Seasons Mini Golf and T-Station Pizza. It’s a nice little complex there, which reminds me: I still need to taste-test Cafe Mayan!

  7. I can’t help but get digressed (Jenn, is that ok english)….the lines at S&S get me every time. I’ve been doing pretty intense scientific research of them for about 8 years, and despite this I always get in the wrong line. I used to think you get in the line with the least number of kids…but then I realized that there is often a single person representing a van full of kids. I used to think you target the line with older folks…but then I realized they are the banana split croud. I just can’t seem to figure it out!

  8. Hmmm…. you’re confusing digression with depression, I suspect. 😉 (hey, you asked)

    My S&S tip: never get behind the couple with the little dog on a leash. They’re not only going to buy ice cream for the dog (and making an ice cream dish for a dog apparently takes a while), but everyone at the window has to stop to coo over the dog. I’m not anti-dog by any means, but I’m more enthusiastic about them AFTER I have my cone in my hand. 🙂

  9. The Countdown Sign – I can barely stand the anticipation not only of the yummy choices but that the opening is a sign of spring. My 8-year-old shrieks (every day) as we pass that countdown sign which is quite unnerving first thing in the morning as I’m trying to avoid being hit by the “never ending queue” in front of Dunkin’ Donuts!

    Another tip: avoid teens wearing sports clothing (uniform or practice gear). It may look like one or two but usually there are 5 or 6 at the water bubbler around the corner waiting to add their orders to the list just as your 8-year-old can see the top of the counter thinking “I’m ready!” Did I mention shrieking?

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