The agony of public life



6 thoughts on “The agony of public life

  1. She’s going to have my head!

    I had my camera with me, so I figured I’d see how well the camera worked without the flash and with the TV lights. Don’t worry, Mary Ann, I have a MUCH better headshot of you than this… but I couldn’t resist!

  2. I am without words. Except to say that my hair is a mess because I spent the four hours prior to the meeting wearing a hard hat.

  3. Your hat head is, unfortunately, my good hair day.

    I’m still wondering why that back wall comes out at teal. It’s like that in my other shots at well. I suspect it has something to do with the television lights.

  4. Fundraising idea – “Elected Officials of Grafton – the WTH(eck?) Edition!” The possibilities are endless! Town Meeting – here we come.
    Sorry MAC – couldn’t resist!

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