Comments on comments

I know — I keep looking at the bottom of the posts for the comments link as well. I just want to note that in the new design, to comment on the post you need to click the comment link at the top of the post, not at the bottom.

I deleted a couple comments yesterday on request when they popped up in the wrong area. Old habits die hard!

Also, just remember if you put a link in a comment — apparently even if you’re giving part of an email address — it may get tangled up in moderation or even go into spam. I think I’ve caught everything that went into the spam filter by accident but if your comment isn’t showing up and it’s clear that I’ve been around since you posted it, just shoot me an email and I’ll check.


2 thoughts on “Comments on comments

  1. I was a bit confused at first…

    did you see your comments going down those few days after you changed over??

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