Gone fishin’

Every year there’s at least one die-hard ice fisherman on Lake Ripple out on the ice daily. There have been springs when I’ve worried about the status of the ice but he’s still out there with his chair and giant ice auger, dropping lines and waiting for a bite.


I spotted him yesterday and decided to test out my zoom lens. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m seriously in love with my new camera.


The zoom on this thing! I may have to get a private detective’s license and start staking out cheap motels to get pictures of cheating spouses.


This also solved a minor mystery. I’ve been seeing these tracks all over the lake and I thought, at first glance, they were from snowmobiles. But he’s hooked up a sled to carry all his equipment from hole to hole. He started out in the middle of the lake.


And how did the zoom work at that distance? So glad you asked.


I wanted to actually talk to the guy, but I looked at my watch at that point and realized I needed to meet the school bus. That will have to wait for another day…


One thought on “Gone fishin’

  1. Just don’t be outside the Rainbow Motel this Saturday at 10:00 PM with your camera…Deal?

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