Bee Creative

bee-armyThere was a rather large turnout last night for the GEA’s Community Spelling Bee and Silent Auction. Lots of kids brought their parents as they cheered on favorite teachers, coaches and a bevy of teams from local businesses and civic groups.

Prizes were awarded for best costumes and team names and, as you can imagine, there were quite a few bees buzzing about (including our Board of Selectmen, who appear in a post below).

I’ll save the overall winners for another post (did I mention I took a lot of pictures? I took a LOT of pictures, many of which simply did not work) because I just wanted to highlight a few of the more creative costumes from the night. At left is “Be All You Can Bee,” the Grafton Middle School PTG team.


Above, “Alphabet Soup” from North Grafton Elementary was one of the last teams left standing in the final round.


Snap! Crackle! Pop! was the group representing the South Grafton PTG.


The “Bee” Dazzlers represented the Grafton Soccer Club. Sadly, no one asked them how to spell “doofus.” (Hi Ann!)


And, of course, it’s so close to St. Patrick’s Day, so why not bring out the Leprechaun Ladies of the South Grafton Elementary School PTG?


And finally, I just have to throw Tim in here. How else did you expect the Grafton Pop Warner team to dress?


2 thoughts on “Bee Creative

  1. Naughty, naughty Jenn who is so NOT a doofus! I just looked up doofus at the on line Urban dictionary – it’s so much worse than I thought! GASP….

    When studying for the Spelling Bee we divvyed up the lists amongst ourselves and had a couple of “laugh out loud, gut busting study sessions” (as it should be)because not only were a number of words not to be found in our old trusty collegiate dictionaries but some of them couldn’t even be found on line in lots of other dictionaries. And with great diffuculty I was able to find these two words on line (which led to another round of rip snorting laughs because they really are words….)


    No kidding! I’m ready for another Bee or a least a Scrabble Smackdown. (scrabble is a Dutch word – also on my study list; I sure would have preferred that to mneumonic – sheesh!)

  2. The frumious bandersnatch I’m familiar with (weird that it’s a spelling word considering Lewis Carroll made it up for “Jabberwocky” and the only other time I’ve seen it used was to describe an alien species in Larry Niven’s Known Space), but I had to look up schnecke!

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