Goodbye, Mr. Wrenn

Funeral services for Grafton resident Dennis Wrenn, an Algonquin Regional High School teacher who died last month while leading a student field trip in Athens, Greece, were held this morning at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.


I took a drive by this morning on behalf of Susan at MySouthborough, who wasn’t able to attend. She has full coverage of Wrenn’s death (and more of my photos), and the reaction by the Northborough-Southborough community, on her site. At least two busloads of kids were at the services and the lots and streets around the church were packed with cars.

Wrenn’s full obituary and a guestbook for condolences can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mr. Wrenn

  1. Hi! I am Dennis’ daughter. If you don’t mind, could you please email the jpeg file of that picture to me? I would really appreciate it. We don’t have any pictures from outside the church, and we would really like to have some to put in an album. My email is?

    Thank you!

    Jessica Wrenn Still

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