Especially for Bob C.

I just realized I had some pictures from early last week that were just languishing on my desktop.


This is the house Bob C. mentioned a couple weeks back, on Pratts Pond, where a former Ethan Allen gun factory (no, not that Ethan Allen — this was the lesser known Ethan Allen of Bellingham) was revamped into a home.


When we first moved to Grafton not that long ago (we moved in the day after the 2004 Super Bowl and watched the Red Sox win the World Series here that fall and in 2007 — I guess our moving to Grafton is what clinched it for Boston teams, right?), this was a decaying ruin.

Ooh, there are pictures at that fabulous Grafton history site here.


It must be nice to go to sleep at night with the sound of the water running outside your window.

Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s really a pain in the neck. I don’t think I’m ever going to know, but I’ll lean on the side of “nice.”


6 thoughts on “Especially for Bob C.

  1. Oh I just love this house – I am even more curious about what it looks like on the inside – does anyone have any photos?

    I noticed that this month’s Worcester Living magazine features Nick and Joan Gage and their “North Grafton” home does anyone know the address – I would love to take a drive by…

  2. Hi Sarah’s Mom.

    The Gage’s are my neighbors and we live on Nelson St. in North Grafton.

    I will have to get the Worcester Living Magazine.

  3. Thanks for the pictures Jenn…and like Sarah’s Mom, I’d love to see what the inside looks like.

  4. One of my favorite books is written by Gage. A Place for Us. I have read it over and over. I love memoirs because of that feeling of connecting in some way. The chapter about Gage taking his brother in law’s car and his father’s reaction is my favorite!

  5. This post is cracking me up – that house belongs to my financial advisor! I will have to ask him for pictures!

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