A little help in summer planning

Hot off the presses!

(You know, 20 years in journalism and I only got to yell “stop the presses!” twice. I bet you can guess one of the times.)

The Summer 2009 recreation department schedule is now available at the Recreation Department, but you don’t want to go all the way down to the Municipal Building. Oh no. You probably don’t even want to click on a link to the town’s website.

Fine then. Be lazy. Here’s your brochure right here: 2009 summer recreation

Everything you wanted to know about town summer camps! Swimming lessons! Beach stickers! Sports clinics! The kids will eventually be out of school for summer, why not figure out what they’re doing before the first “I’m soooo booooored” comes out of their mouths?

Unless you’re like me, and can’t figure out whether to plan for a summer where one parent is home or working. I wonder if unemployment growth is going to do a number on summer camps this year?


5 thoughts on “A little help in summer planning

  1. Oh 9/11, isn’t it obvious? I was working at a paper with afternoon editions. There were several stops as the story developed. Every time I’ve had a job interview since, when I’ve gotten the question “how do you do working under stress?” I say “I was working the desk on 9/11.” (It’s not as impressive as my friend’s story about covering the Pentagon crash and she says her story isn’t as impressive as her friend’s story about being rescued from the World Trade Center rubble not once, but twice.)

    The other time was a really bizarre error which printed a story backwards. We never did figure out how that one happened. You had to hold it up to a mirror to read it!

  2. I didn’t stop the presses that night (and a Herald EA doesn’t have the authority). I don’t think they were stopped — the earthquake happened with plenty of time before deadline.

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