History Club goes to church

Folks, we have a guest blogger this afternoon, my sixth grade son, who visited the Evangelical Congregational Church after school armed with the lesser Greater Grafton camera as part of the Grafton Middle School History Club’s ongoing study of the town. Be nice to the kid!

Evangelical Congregational Church


Hi.  Well as you know I am the chief’s oldest.  Today we went to the church (as the pictures might suggest).  Three words to describe my experience?  Life 0r death. Well let us start of at the beginning.  First we got a nice welcome from the, uh, secretary I think it was?  Anyway then we went down into the basement.


Yeah, I know, ominous, but believe me as scary as that may look, it was not even within 2 miles of the scariest part, I’ll get to that at the end (I know a certain someone who is my homeroom is REALLY wishing she did not have an orthodontist appointment today).  After the basement we took a look at some of the classrooms that are in the church.


Hmmm, reminds me of my kindergarten classroom. On the way up to the sanctuary we found something special.


Now here is where it gets really cool.  Someone start playing Eye of the Tiger.









DAH DAH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  I know awsome right?  That was the sanctuary.  Now here is the scary part………



Just joking the scary part was going up to the steeple.  Now if you remember from on of the pictures above there is a long way to the top.  Know where we stopped?  This picture will tell you….


We stopped right at the clock.  If you look closely you will see a door right under the minute hand.  That is exactly where we stopped.  Imagine someone sticking their head out of that door and someone taking a picture from outside that would be awesome.

But we did not know about that door till the end and we had to get the heck out before 4:00 or else the bell would ring and it would not be pretty.  We would be DEAF.  We would probably be paralyzed too.

Then we found out the bell does not ring.

Back to where we stopped.  So there was a string and a pendulum.  Both were right on the platform we were on.  The string led to the bell.  Move too far and it would have been bad.  Touch the pendulum and the clock would stop.  Here is the pendulum…….



I might have forgot to mention this:  getting to the clock was the scariest thing.  The stairs had no railings, were old, and some of the things we walked across were over a hole.  I also regret that have but one life (at this rate I won’t make it to college).  Here is a picture of my friend thanking god for letting us live.


That pretty much finished our tour.  Then I went around the common, took some pictures.  Here they are.


img_3203Here is the group that went on the tour.img_3201That concludes my story.

I’ll be back, don’t worry.

Thanks kiddo.


15 thoughts on “History Club goes to church

  1. Dear Guest blogger,
    It SO totally WASN’T Worth getting horrible and painful braces and having to miss the trip.

    PS. you did a good job writing the blog!! It was funny!!

  2. Hi “Guest Blogger” 🙂 I totally wish i was in history club 😦 it sounded really cool, I’ll have to tell Rich i saw him on the blog!

  3. Good story, I work in a Church that is very similar. We have clock winders who climb up and wind the clock, but I wonder if we have a door like yours? I’ll have to look and ask. I liked that picture.

  4. So when does the blog “Chief’s Oldest” go up? Great job, David! We haven’t even been inside the steeple of our church! Maybe we can hire you to give the tours!

  5. … ‘ominous’ was a nice vocab choice…A+!

    But above all, you had me wanting more. How can I get a tour!

  6. Nice job David! Noah would love to have a History Club. Maybe he will e-mail you and find out how to get one started.

    I look forward to your next guest blog.

  7. That’s my boy! Great photos and very good writing! You are your Mom’s son, that’s for sure. XO Nana

  8. The kid’s a natural! Great job “son of chief”. I loved the pendulum discussion and will forever heed the advice:


    Words to live.

  9. Wow, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – your son has the gift to blog, I really enjoyed it. I was just disappointed that there weren’t any scary obs in the basement and clock tower pictures!

    Great job!!

  10. Great job and wonderful pictures. We will have to get a tour of Grafton from you next time we come to town.

    Grampy P

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